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Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!  Are these lovely or what?  Roses, ranunculus, stock, lizzies, wax flower, hypericaum berries, seeded eucalyptus and variegated pitt.


I have the coolest friend ever.  Her name is Robin and she is crazy talented.  She runs an auction every Saturday where you can buy customized furniture and the cutest home decor.  Her site is Inside the Robins Nest.  Not only does she do awesome furniture and  room makeovers, she is a photographer and fashionista.  She was kind enough to take these for me at the last minute!  I am not a photographer in any way, and I’m always sad when I don’t snap a few pictures of my creations before they go out the door………never to be seen again.  Ya, I kinda get attached.  And to make Robin ever cooler, she is starting up vintage wedding rentals.  The props in this photo shoot are just a sneak peek of what she has been collecting!  So keep checking back on her site, she will have it all up and going in the very near future.  Now, time for a little more eye candy.






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